Real-Time Analytics for the Soul

By March 24, 2016Archives

Every time we write a blog post, we watch people all over the world read it. It may seem silly to stare at your analytics software right after you post an article or launch a feature, but let me show you why it’s a great idea.

In this world of pushing text around on computers, we’ve lost actually seeing people interact with the things we make. This feedback loop is essential for making good products, but even more so for happiness. It is invigorating to see people using your work, to be reminded that you are helping real people, not just numbers.

At Gauges, what we like most about real-time analytics is that it shows you the invisible in a way you can relate to. Seeing a dot spring onto a map lets you know someone in Alberta is reading about the analytics API. Or someone in Johannesburg just read about AirTraffic. Seeing these actions as they happen gives you a feeling that you can’t get by reviewing the numbers from yesterday.

Feeling down today? Open up your analytics software and remind yourself just how many people care about what you’re working on.

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