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Website Analytics

Take Control of your Web Data Analytics

Get stronger with accurate results across all your sites, apps, and offline channels. Gauges offer highly accurate web analytics and live data for businesses of all sizes to better understand your customers.

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Powerful Website analytics solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Live Data

With live site analytics, you access every page view as soon as it comes in! No need to wait for any syncing or refreshing to utilize the website traffic analytics. You get a visitor, you see the figures change. Thatโ€™s how streamlined it is.

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Views and People

Get updated about the views on your web pages and also get insights about the people that visit those pages. This makes it the right tool for traffic analytics for website.

Know your top content

What content is doing well? What pages are not getting traffic? Answer these questions with the help of our tool that will do your top-content analysis for you to refine your analytics for website.

Track Content

Get hold of your Visitors with real time air traffic data

The air traffic data brings up a map that is updated in real-time when visitors arrive on your web pages. You get to know the regions where your visitors are concentrated and get the best website analytics.

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