Is Gauges a good alternative to Google Analytics?

By January 9, 2016Archives

Yes! Here’s why (and why not) Gauges is an awesome Google Analytics alternative:

Why Gauges

  • Gauges is simple. Really simple. You don’t need to be a marketing expert. We just give you the stats you care most about.
  • Gauges is real time. Unlike Google Analytics, which is normally delayed several hours, in Gauges all your stats will be automatically updated in mere seconds without needing to hit the refresh button.
  • Gauges is fast. No more staring at your computer for five seconds waiting for a Google Analytics report to run.
  • Gauges aren’t owned by Google. It is another google analytics similar software but with lot easier interface and faster data analysis.

Why not Gauges

  • Gauges are simple. If you ARE a marketing expert, you’ll probably miss advanced features like: e-commerce tracking, campaign tracking, funnel analysis, and custom variables. The Gauges marketing team uses Google Analytics in addition to Gauges because we want those features in our own marketing.
  • Gauges cost money. Not a lot, but it’s not free. We’re a small business and running a major website analytics service with high reliability isn’t free. Gotta pay for all those servers!

Multiple Trackers

In general, it’s good to have multiple website trackers. It lets you compare statistics and enjoy the best features of each one. Note: don’t expect the two tools to provide identical statistics, there will always be some variance.

Free No-Credit-Card Trial

Gauges website analytics offers a free 7-day trial with no credit card required. There are zero risks in giving us a try. We think you’ll like Gauges better than Google Analytics!